Groupwerk's TLC - The Learner's Cloud is a collection of content creation web apps, digital media tools and K-12 educational links. These hand-made directories are organized to assist students, parents and teachers personalize their own digital space experience. The criteria for these resources to be a cloud catch for the TLC are: 

FREE app, service, tool or link. If not free, the resource is recommended by me;

no advertisements, or the advertising from a free service is tolerable;

no software install required to a local hard drive

works across devices, operating systems and web browsers. 

 Doug McIntosh       
New Links

Digital Media Apps
  • Creating Draw/Paint Content and Saving as Clipart with Sketchpad 
    (no student account creation needed)

  • Editing All Still Image Content with Adobe Aviary 
    (no student account creation needed)

Last updated - 4/21/17

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